A Change of Heart on Renting.

Last year I wrote a post waxing lyrical about selling our home down south and moving north to the Scottish Borders to Rent. Moving to the Borders was the best decision my wife and I had made since getting married and not having children. It’s been great for my wife’s health and brilliant for my sanity :).

However after 12 months of renting we have concluded that it’s really not for us. Sure there are many positive aspects to renting which I raised in Freedom, Selling up and Renting, however we have found many things we don’t like. I have tried for days to write what they are in a way that doesn’t end in me sounding bitter and twisted, but I can’t, so I won’t. Lets just say this, we are grateful for this property we are in, it has given us the chance to understand what is really important to us, to put us back in touch with nature and give us the chance to witness the unique beauty of the Scottish Borders .

We now know without doubt this is where we want to spend the rest of our life. So next year God’s willing we will start looking for a property to buy, that fits our needs and budget . We will not be looking for a large home however what we do want is a few acres of land so we can finally create our dream. A place where wildlife will flourish and we can keep a few Valais blackness sheep which are to cute for words more about them soon. Also I can finally give my poor wandering pot bound and rabbit attacked willows a place to settle and grow.


I see willows, well that’s dinner sorted.

We won’t begin even looking for a new place till March next year, unless we win the lottery. One big plus of renting is we don’t have to go through the whole horror of selling, So we can simply focus on finding the right place to live without the need to settle for something that is not really right, as we have done in the past. If it takes a year or more to find our home so be it.

So what a difference a year makes, some people would hate to have to admit they got something wrong, for me it’s important to try different things, I’m glad we gave renting a go. On the plus side I was so very right about moving to Scotland, so ‘the risk’ as many of our friends saw it has paid off.

Despite what some wise old rabbits may say, sometimes the grass is really greener over the wall ;)