About Aric

avossI’m an semi- retired Artist/photographer/writer who was born in Middlesex in the mid 60’s (yes that makes me a old fart). I now live in a beautiful peaceful and isolated part of the Scottish Borders  with my wife who I met 27 years ago (Yes that’s right, just after the first world war).

I had my first conventional (not digital) Art exhibition in the original Ruislip Manor Library in the 80’s. In 1993 after discovering computer art while attending The Art Institute of Seattle in Washington State, USA (When I lived in America)  I decided digital was the future. My digital art life started using early versions of Corel draw and Adobe Photoshop. One of  the early photo editing magazines described my work as follows ‘ He should get out more’. After that rave review I invested a great deal of time learning digital photography while most Photography professionals where still emphatically stating ‘ it would never catch on’

From 2000 – 2006 I took a break from Art and became a full time glamour photographer in Essex, I later owned my own studio before moving on to something else (Bipolar will do that to you).

I am probably best known (If I’m Known at all)  for my Visionary Art which is all about challenging perception. I created these works and sold them at Mind Body and Soul shows from 2006 – 2010. This work was also featured in a number of high profile ‘spiritual’ publications.

Note all the above work was done under my birth name Ramsay Fartbottom  LOL , before I changed my name to Aric Voss

Now I have become very disillusioned with the digital world and as a result I try to avoid spending to much time on a computer. Currently I’m enjoying life in our garden (Really a empty field), I love willow trees , but I’m blissfuly ignorant when it comes to flowers and plants. Artistically  now I’m attempting to make unique ‘ Sculptors’ out of timber and wire this is a work in progress and should any of my results please me will be posted here or the artofvoss blog (nothing there yet).

I also enjoy taking snapshots of the Scottish Borders usually on a mobile phone (many of them I’ve posted on this site). Occasionally I do still create digital art when the mood takes me. I also love to write for this blog, because it would piss off my English Teacher (who though I was crap) and because it also probably pisses off my dyslexia.

I hope you enjoy my long running blog which reflects on all the many aspects of my bipolar personality from the stupidly childlike, to the deep contemplator of life, the universe and everything. Now I enjoy playing the stereotypical grumpy old fart and have to admit I’ve all but given up on humans. I have far more time for my four-legged friends and trees. When I was a teenager I wanted to be where it was all ‘happening’, now I only seek out places where it isn’t.

Happiness for me is sitting in the garden watching the birds and sheep with a good cup of coffee. It may not be very profound but life ‘just is’, It is my hope you can discover and really understand sooner than I did
All the Best Aric :)


Aric Voss AKA, willowroost, Mantakesphoto, extreme-pixel, Mr Grump etc etc etc