Silliness it’s what makes life bearable

The world when viewed through the eyes of the News media can seem like a very dark and depressing place. I try and make a point of watching at least one comedy every day just to lighten the soul. I have to admit i have a very strange sense of humour very few things actually make me laugh out loud, despite what I may say on social networks. I enjoy satire, silliness, farce, stuff that highlights the bizarre nature of us humans. I love Comedians that take on conformity and established ways of thinking and doing, that mock our heard like mentality. For me Comedians can be politically incorrect even vulgar, as long as it part of a story or message and not  solely as the means to get laughs.

I thought I would post one of my own humour pics (above) as well as a couple of Youtube clips that always make me smile.


It’s ok to say Life Sucks

Some days you can wake up and nothing you try goes right. Sure you could put a positive spin on whatever happens, but sometimes it just better to say ‘Today sucked’ and move on it’s just life happening and it’s seldom personal.

Take George, one day he woke up full of the joys of spring, his Jousting team had won a match last night so he was really feeling good about himself. Then on the way to a sword practice a large or should i say humongous dragon came out of nowhere and started call him names, like shorty and pepper pot head. George didn’t want to fight the dragon, he like animals and had been a vegan for five years, but the dragon kept up the name calling. When the dragon finally got to the ‘Your mothers so fat jokes’ George finally snapped and the rest as they say is history

International Sock Thief Caught on Camera


Finally caught on camera the world renowned sock thief. It has long be believed that washing machine’s were in fact eating socks, but we can now disprove this theory once and for all.

Answering to the name of Woden this Leonberger has developed an addiction to all forms of Socks. He will stop at nothing to get socks of all colours shapes and sizes. What he does with the socks once he has them is still open to much debate, but he is costing the nation a fortune. If you are perplexed at the number of single socks in your cupboards you may well have fall victim to Woden and his stealth Sock extraction techniques. Wearing unmatching socks continually can have very deep effects on mental health. It can form a deep seated air of indifference called ‘No one will see’ syndrome this is where people wear totally different colour, lengths or styles of socks without any guilt or remorse.

It may well be the case that this dog is not alone, if you have pictorial evidence it is vital that is is made available to your nearest social networking site so we can know these villains and keep an eye open for them. Sock theft is not a victimless crime and should not be encouraged in your four legged friend.

This message has been issued by Sock Watch

Sock Watch – ‘Keeping feet out of sight and out of mind

Covert Profanity No.1

While the meanings of these designs may be offensive to many once you know what they stand for, I create them out of my love for ‘double entendre’, text talk and just plain silliness. 
So if you like the idea of being rude in public without being obvious or simply enjoy, confusing people or hate all forms of political correctness this may be the design for you. 
I except no responsibility or liability for any out come (be they good or bad) from wearing or sending this design . If you are in any doubt to the meaning of this design I recommend you do your self a favour and don’t buy it. :-)

I see No Aliens

Space is big really Big and despite our best efforts to view the skies above our planets even chunks of rock get missed until they hurtle past and the boffins proclaim that ‘Wow that was close !’ So what if something didn’t want to be seen how easy would it be for them to hide almost in plain sight?

If like me and Shakespeare you think ‘there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy’ then this image may make you smile, as much as it did me creating it.


What a bunch of Bankers

I’m not sure how the humour for this work will transpose beyond England. I wanted to create a work that pointed to those faceless clones that have managed to turn many hard working peoples lives into a pile of  crap. Individually I’m sure many people that work in the money industry are perfectly nice, but as parts of the multi headed money machine they have destroyed so much with their meddling. If like me you have ever been screwed over by the wankers sorry I mean bankers then this could be the Aric Voss design for you.



This is a rejection of homogenised culture, it embraces the individual the free thinker the person who is happy to stand out in the crowd and take all the negativity that sometimes this attracts. The work mocks the fact that in many large corporations of sameness it requires very little to stand out and be labelled a freak. Sometimes simply wearing or not wearing a hat makes you a Freak that the ‘norms’ will mock. So stand out or die trying

Watch The Saga Of Biorn

Just wanted to share this little video I watched today :-The Saga Of Biorn .
Apart from being very clever and fun to watch it also addresses that age old problem, that one man’s heaven is another man’s hell.
Biorn just can’t win and even when he has that all important ‘Word fame’ from death in a heroic battle, the hands of fate pull his victory from beneath him.

I hope you like it as much as i did, Enjoy Aric