2 little thoughts.

Wrong & Right get into a fight, what if Wrong wins, does he become Right?
Don’t get me wrong, I like Right, but maybe this time he wasn’t. – A Voss

They said DOWN was banned and that from now on everything was UP. UP looked down, saw nothing below it and in that moment UP became DOWN. – A Voss 

Time for Farm Animal Owner contact Info ?

Yesterday while driving around the borders I drove past a goat and then later some sheep that had got through their fences and onto the road. Now as a person who cares about animal welfare my first reaction is always to help. However getting animals back to safety, on a busy road is not always possible and in fact sometimes you can make matters a lot worse. It is the farmers duty to care for his animals, but who are the farmers or owners of all these animals in these fields? I don’t think it is asking to much that every field should have a contact number plate on it, so if animals escape on to the road or are in destress, people like myself that actually care about our four legged friends can contact the farmer to let them know.

Now I know that their are many farmers who think their animals welfare is nothing to do with us, however on the flip side their are farmers that are only to grateful for a little help or info. I’m not saying that it’ always the farmers/ owners fault that animals get onto roads or stuck in fences, or end up confused and in the wrong field. Some Sheep are very good wall jumpers and simply refuse to stay put, walkers don’t close gates or often it’s simply a case that over time fencing breaks down.

I guess many people would call the police or RSPCA, but in truth often they will be just as clueless to know who owns what. Sure some animals are tagged, but lets face it these animals are never going to let us get up close enough to see what they say because their first impulse is always run away from ‘the stranger danger’. So a simple small plate on every field with basic info of owner, animal type and contact number should be required by law. Obviously in cases of neglect the RSPCA or police should be called straight away.

So that’s it really I think all animals should enjoy a safe and stress free life even the one’s that will end up on meat eaters dinner table. I for one will always do my best to help animals in destress if I can,  some simple info on who owns what, would make that whole process of getting or giving  help a lot easier.

Dave Rubin talks to Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte is loud and I felt this was not going to be a interview I could stay with, but stay with it I did and it ended up being one of the most inspiring I’ve seen on the Rubin report. It is a call to anyone who believes in freedom of speech, while I’m sure many will be offended by what she has to say I thank the gods she is brave enough to say it. If you can’t watch the whole video I recommend watching the last 5 minutes or so as it is very powerful. It really is a case of Stand for something or fall for everything.

I quit Facebook Again

Not really a post, just a quick statement to say I have quit Facebook, again. I really can’t understand what people find so fascinating about this site. It has always been my least favourite Social Network, it really just creeps me out, very much like Zuckerberg himself. I hate the way everything in life seems to require you have a Facebook account from shopping to apps and games. I think everyone who believes in freedom of speech needs to be very afraid of corporations that think they are the web. Both Google via youTube and Facebook are overstepping the mark daily, dictating how we should see the world and what’s love and what’s hate. So I’m off Facebook. I’m also taking a break from Twitter. I really can’t stand all the shouting and screaming which will only get worse now a general election has been announced. Basically, I’m just getting to old to listen to politicians and CEO’s that say what they think we want to hear and then deliver on nothing they promised.

I will continue to post articles and embed videos that offer up alternative views to those pushed by the PC far left.  Well, at least as long as WordPress.com decides it can continue or is permitted to support freedom of speech which conflicts with the group thought of the moment. Once the West starts cutting off access to ideas that are deemed to rock the political and cultural boat ‘Free’ ‘civilisation’ is over for everyone, and Orwells 1984 is finally fully engaged.

Make a stand,  even if it is just taking your life back from Facebook, or better still just go outside and enjoy the fresh air, while you can.


Nicola Sturgeon – Speak for yourself

Nicola Sturgeon is a politician and as politicians go she is rather good one. That is not to say I like the woman or most of what she stands for, but I can see when it come to politics she is very good a playing the game.

Sadly, being good at politics does not naturally mean you’ll be any good at running a country. I know for a fact that many people in Scotland vehemently hate Sturgeon, I can see them begin to shake when I even mention her name. Likewise I’m sure there are many that think Nicola is the best thing to happen to the country since Irn-Bru I just haven’t met any yet, but saying that I do live in a very remote part of the Scottish Borders.

People who live outside of Scotland may believe that when Sturgeon speaks she does so as the heart, body and mind of this beautiful country.  The fact is she doesn’t and that is why I’m writing, because it sickens me that she acts as if she does. As all great politicians do, Nicola manipulates every piece of news even the bad stuff to confirm what she believes or wants to believe is true.

Nicola Sturgeon would have the world believe that she cares passionately about the Scottish people and that she feels her peoples hopes and fears on a very visceral level. But for many, even those of us in Scotland, she is simply an opportunist. Quite frankly, Nicola has taken result of the Brexit vote and used it as a weapon to get the only thing she really wants :- Scottish Independence. Her claims are that because more people voted to say in the EU than to leave she now has the god give right to call another independence vote. The truth of the matter is out of 3,987,112 people eligible to vote only 1,661,191 felt strong enough about not leaving the EU that they actually turned up.

So lets do a very politician thing and restate this: Nicola Sturgeon is not speaking for the whole of Scotland on the EU, she is speaking for the 1,661,191 who actually voted Remain in the EU.

While 1.6 million is not an insignificant number, it is when placed next to the 5+ million population of Scotland or the 64.1 million of the UK as a whole, all who would be affected by Sturgeons actions. You can understand why so many people are angry and wish for now at least she would just be quiet and wait to see how Brexit plays out. If she can’t wait a few years then it would suggest the urgency has far more to do with how history will see Nicola Sturgeon than the needs of the Scottish People.

Love is in the Air

It’s Valentine’s tomorrow and don’t worry if you feel like Charlie Brown or even look like him, you will most probably meet someone eventually, trust me I know about these things. And ladies I’m sure somewhere out there is a man who looks just like the guy out of that TV program you fancy. When your not Mr or Mrs popular days Like Valentines can really suck, but don’t worry, all the beautiful people hate Halloween and that’s our  favourite day is it not? :). So no matter what happens tomorrow make sure you have a laugh because finding a mate takes time especially if you are a tortoise.

Here is my image for tomorrow which you can share if the mood takes you on your social Network of Choice.


Picking up litter in the Scottish Borders

‘Hell, sheep in the Scottish borders sure do consume a lot of beer and energy drinks’

For quite some time, I have noticed an increase in litter whilst walking my dog. But last week when a large plastic sheep feed bag appeared up a tree I declared enough was an enough. I have no doubt the bag arrived in the tree because of the elements or negligence, rather than malicious intent, but however it got there I knew I was going to be stuck looking at it until the council removed it or I died of old age. So, this Sunday I decided to do something about it.  Armed with my extending camera stand, I waded across the river and after a few attempts freed the bag from the tree. I did it not for praise but simply because I could not stand to look at the bloody thing it anymore. Below is a quick animation of the events taken by my wife, I think she was hoping I’d fall in :).


Once I had got the bag out of the tree, I thought I may as well put it to use and see how much rubbish I could collect on our walk. After a few miles, it was full up and both my wife and I were amazed by how much litter there really was. Now as I have said before I don’t live on a particularly busy road, but we do get a lot of cyclists in our area and 80% of the litter was energy drinks. Therefore, I’m going to make possibly an unfairly assumption and put the blame on them first and foremost: –

‘Dear cyclists in the Scottish borders, this is not the bloody Tour de France there is no support team coming to pick up your rubbish!!! So, take it home.’

After energy drinks, it was coffee cups and beer cans, both probably tossed from the car window because they can’t bare the sight of litter in their car but it’s perfectly fine on the side of the road. Again, this is not Trafalgar Square people there are no sweepers coming to clear up your junk.  In fact, in 6 months, I have not seen anyone come along from the council so it’s just me and anyone else who cares. Exactly why you can’t put a bin in your car and take it home is beyond me. As for those bloody beer and cider cans, well who ever said drinking and driving wasn’t still a thing. I guess if you care so little about your own life and the lives of other drivers, you’re not going to give a toss about littering the country side.

Below is the sheep feed bag at the end of the walk.  Now I must use my own wheelie bin for other people’s rubbish, but that’s fine the council will me giving me a discount on my council tax …. lol will they hell!


For me there are few things that piss me off on a local level as much as litter. The amount of litter I see in an area is simply a marker to how much people care about where they live and the people they live with. Now I must confess that compared to some places I’ve lived the Scottish borders has a relatively low litter problem. However, let’s be honest if what I collected above was just from a short walk it’s far from perfect. So why do people litter, I thought about this a lot over the years and I can only conclude it’s linked to low self-esteem, laziness, poor social discipline and I guess to some stupid buggers deemed it cool.

Fines don’t work as police are too far and few between and would probably rather avoid the paperwork.  I’m personally for public flogging, but once again you’ve got to catch the buggers. So, I guess it comes back to good parenting and schooling, but we can’t just blame it on the ‘younger generation’ because it’s not just them. Many people simply just don’t care about anything other than their own small world and most of them don’t even care about that. Maybe I’m a fool to get so angry about litter, maybe humanity is just too broken to understand why wading through other people’s crap isn’t normal or a good thing .

Update : We have seen a council  litter picker on our road a few times since this blog which is nice.

Update 2: It now June 2017 Litter is beginning to build up so I guess I may have to do another litter pick up