Google Pixel panorama fish-eye mode


I’ve had the google pixel phone for some time now and I especially enjoy using the panorama modes. As I have said before the way the phone stitches the images together can be a bit random, but most of the times it works fine. The image of the Bridge near my home (above) was shot with the fish eye mode and was put together perfectly . I’ve massively resized the image from the original 41.5MP   6444 × 6444.  10.2 MB size but you get the general idea of what this mode does.

Google Pixel Panorama


I’ve been into tech since the days of the Commodore 64 however the fun of learning new stuff has long died in me. All i want now is simplicity, I just want to click, swipe and move on. Thats why I like the Google camera app, it’s easy to use with a few cool features and zero brain ache. The picture above shows a panorama from my lower field that simply worked. Googles tracking system for large shots is simply brilliant, just hold the target circle over a grey dot on the screen until the grey dot disappears and then move on to the next one.

I’ve tried all the Large Scene settings on the app :- horizontal, Vertical, Wide-angle, Fisheye, I’ve had mixed results, but I’m sure that has more to do with my often difficult subject matter (trees with tons of branches) and unstable hands than the Google calculations system.

The upshot is if I want a large format image I can have one and quicker than it takes to boil a pot of tea, which sounds like a good idea. Laters