Love is in the Air

It’s Valentine’s tomorrow and don’t worry if you feel like Charlie Brown or even look like him, you will most probably meet someone eventually, trust me I know about these things. And ladies I’m sure somewhere out there is a man who looks just like the guy out of that TV program you fancy. When your not Mr or Mrs popular days Like Valentines can really suck, but don’t worry, all the beautiful people hate Halloween and that’s our  favourite day is it not? :). So no matter what happens tomorrow make sure you have a laugh because finding a mate takes time especially if you are a tortoise.

Here is my image for tomorrow which you can share if the mood takes you on your social Network of Choice.



Shanti ultimately means peace it can also mean calmness, tranquility, or bliss. I think that the image heart shape, points to inner peace. As you will know all the great avatars of the world point to the inner world as being far more relevant to our ‘spiritual’ growth than anything that is happening in the outer one. This is a hard concept for many to grasp but I do believe that only once we reach a point of inner knowing or peace can we really be of any help to the world we inhabit.

Many people have already seen the image as having angel wings in it, while I can see this I think they relate to dove wings, as of writing this I am caring for a young dove that came into our lives some weeks ago, it was found virtually dead in our pond. With the love and care of my wife and I not to mention the doves primal desire to survive I’m glad to say he is doing very well. I have to say that me and the universe had a few words about how this little fellas future was going to pan out . I had no intention of giving up on him or doing what most people advised and that was to ring his neck as it would be for the best.

I have to say this dove opened up a flood of emotion in me that I believed has been bottled up for years. In short the dove brought love back to my heart . While it may appear I have become side tracked from a description of my artwork I do not think so, this dove came to me only a few days after the creation of Shanti. I will always see a connection to the the arrival of Lucky (an apt name for the dove) and the image.

Inner peace is often blocked by our inability to face emotions. The work Shanti is an invitation to search our hearts for whats truly stopping us from knowing inner peace. For me it was a hiding from the fear of heart break which had so devastated me earlier in life. By connecting with this poor dove I was forced to face the pain that he may not survive and all our effort would be in vain. To many this would seem stupid and over sentimental for it was ‘just’ a wild bird it’s survival mattered not. Such a statement can only come from a closed heart and mind that chooses to see every event in the world as separate from them. A cold and blinded view to the needs of all animals, humans included is the reason mankind can do so many barbaric acts without a second thought. I think that collectively the human race fears heart break more than anything else how else could it operate in such a loveless way. While I agree a open heart may receive much emotional pain in it’s life, a closed one will never be able to say it truly lived. As Tennyson put it :-

I hold it true, whate’er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all

Only when we are at Shanti with our selves can we really let the whole gamut of yin and yang the universe has to offer in, then we will begin to see it as one vast unconditional act of love. Have a great day

Venus Rising


Venus has been seen by many cultures as the Bringer of Dawn/Light not to mention purity and love, Indeed for the Romans, Venus was the goddess of love (Aphrodite in Greece). This image for me is a depiction of the slow rise of the feminine angelic energy which is now needed if we are ever to accessed beyond our current state of being on this planet. For many thousands of years we have been captivated by base activities, even now we cling to our fear based views and actions, unwilling to release our grip on the illusion of material forms.

From my non dualistic perspective love and hate are two sides of the same coin but if we wish to extend our play within human form, now is the time to return to love. Does man stands on the edge of it’s demise or ascension? In truth from a universal perspective it is always both, we can play the game that our current form is all important to the universe but if we are honest we know we are simply a flash of energy in the great cosmic dance of life.

Spiritual Soup

I know that those who follow all kinds of ‘new/old age spiritualities’ can at times feel a little alienated and alone, having nothing like the support networks organized religion enjoys. That said I personally believe that is as it should be, as self discovery by its very name is not a group activity. Learning to embrace solitude and silence even within a domestic setting is all a part of the journey to inner truth.
As I have observed what tends to happen at the start of a spiritual awakening is people become totally obsessed with seeking answers for the human dilemma. Overwhelmed by questions, these people soon find a teacher that they resonate with who can feed their needs. Then over the following weeks, months, years they turn into mini me’s of their chosen guru, spouting chapter and verse of their latest books and teachings.

During this time of awakening we can all intellectually learn a great deal. Sadly we often fail to feel or act on what we have discovered.  Many times all that happens in a spiritual awakening is a person simply ends up replacing their traditional thought systems with something more exotic and perplexing. While there is nothing wrong with this, it does seem a bit like over looking the ocean in favour of another rock pool.
I believe the only way to truly develop spiritually is to avoid becoming too transfixed with any particular ways of thinking. It is important to keep your mind open, trying to reduce ones need to judge people and situations. Ultimately this is the complete opposite to what we are taught by a society which requires we have an opinion on everything. We have been raised to see the world through a dualistic lens of good and bad, right and wrong. It is thought often too much of it that stunts our expansion into wholeness. It is only when we can empty our brain (not in a zombie like fashion) that we can maybe begin to understand. I’m afraid this is where my ability to explain what I mean in words hits a road block so forgive me if this is unclear.

Let me try an analogy: –
You are sitting at the foot of a huge dam one day. You see water trickling through a hole. This is a little worrying but you manage to plug it. Then you see another one you plug that. Then another and another, you are becoming more and more frantic, not to mention tired. Eventually the realisation dawns that despite all you best efforts this dam is coming down and there is not a damn thing (sorry) you can do about it. Despite what you may intellectually believe reading this at this point and maybe for just a few seconds the fear will subside, you will relinquish your need to try to fix the situation: – you will simply be. You will blend into the fabric of life. You will experience the way life is non-dualistic, not judgementally and without a care. At this point you will become enlightened (free from the weight of life).
What does that have to do with immersing your self in spiritual information?
Well, at first, every bit of information you come by you will try to make sense of: – you will judge it, reject or embrace it. As more and more information comes to you, the less you will be able to comfortably process. Contradictions may appear, concepts that you can’t even understand will frustrate you. How can you judge what you don’t understand? Slowly it will become clear, the more you learn the less you know. You probably believed to ‘win’ at life you had to wrestle the vastness of time, space and everything into a small and manageable concept. It will become apparent sooner or later that this is not possible. Your mind is the dam, life is the water.

As you learn more and more, you puncher your minds concepts until the reality of the situations dawn. You can’t control life, it controls you and as for comprehending everything, trying to ‘fix it’ is just totally pointless. It is at this realisation a deep fear many take hold, even anger. You stand in the field of life waving your fist at the sky tossing profanity after profanity at the universe, despairing at the believed realization that in the vastness of space is nothing.

Finally you may shut up, fall to your knees and have a flash of insight. (For we know all truth lies within) You are not a no-thing, you are apart of everything, life is non-dualistic not judgementally and without a care.
Below is the spiritual soup that I offer up for you. It consists of as many different views of life as I could fit on a page. You could spend hours here so take as much as you like, whenever you like and don’t panic it’s 100% fat free.

Gangaji Spiritual Traps

Gangaji Unraveling the Knot of Suffering

Alan Watts – The Middle Way

Eckhart Tolle  The Flowering of Human Consciousness

‘Oppressed’ My Visionary Art Begins

All my visionary art work and spiritual awakening started with this disturbing? Image I would call ‘Oppressed’

Oppression is described as the act of keeping a person or peoples down through harsh rule. Sadly for many, they do not have to look outward for their oppressors; they have been oppressed by their own negative ego thought processes from birth. This can become so serious that eventually the ego mentally binds them and they can no longer function as they were intended.

This self oppression can start in a variety of ways, but usually as a small seed of self doubt brought on by the way you interpret the words or actions of others. A classic example of this may be being bullied at school. This may go on for a relatively short time when compared to the span of a life, but it is without doubt that these events become the soil in which the negative ego can grow. Before you know it your mind is full of doubt, anger, separateness and depression. We allow these disempowering emotions to dwell within the dark side of us quietly doing their work.

It has been said by ‘wise men’ that we create our own reality. This is a bitter pill to swallow indeed: to think that our darkest moments of life are created solely by us and our own weakness of mind.

I realized that I had spent nearly 40 years of my life stopping myself from being so much more. Sure, I was bullied at school and yes for some time I was a loner. Neither of these things which ended a long time ago has warranted the mental harm I have done to myself since then. I jest not, when I say my ego should receive an Oscar for its mental screen play which it has played in my mind for years. I was convinced, utterly convinced, that this dark oppressed world was the only one that existed.

At the point when I created Oppressed, I was truly lost and at a low ebb. Everything I had tried to do up to that point had failed. I was out of money, out of work and hanging by the thread that my wife’s job was holding us both by. Ok, so we weren’t homeless, but like many we were only a few pay cheques away from being so. I guess that was just one of lifes so what’s, the real problem was we both felt hopeless.

Oppression seemed to be echoing my feelings of negativity and lack; just look at this poor abomination being pushed down into a pit by two cage doors. For some reason I wrote the following to describe this image: ‘Fear and Hate will so easily entrap your mind and crush your soul, it’s never too late to break free …seek the truth… seek love’. What did this description mean? Was I being asked to look at the image again from a positive perspective?

So this time, as I looked upon the image I chose to see a creature breaking free from a pit of despair. Was this creature in its pupal stage like a holometabolous insect just before its Metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly? This way of looking at the artwork did not come naturally, but as I felt I was out of hope and my past ways had achieved so little, maybe it was time to view my entire life through these fresh eyes. But what was this truth I was to seek? and what of love?

A lot has changed since the creation of oppressed. I now know the answer to the above.
The truth is within me, as it is you…’Look within for that which you are without’  it’s been said time and time again throughout history, but we block the truth out, many still think the stuff of life can fill that emptiness. The love I was to seek, was not spawned from the ego, the love oppressed pointed to is unconditional and universal. To know the answer is one thing but to live the answer is something very different.  When I fail to be the best version of myself I don’t dwell on my failings I simply acknowledge I’ve been less than I really am and I intend better.

My art work set me on a spiritual path what it will do for you I can not say.