Visionary Art 2006 – 10

Welcome to my Visionary Art Collection 2006-2010 info page. This Visionary Art makes great talking points for anyone with a open mind, but they proved to be most popular with those that do not have conventional belief systems . When I used to sell my work in person at fairs and exhibitions in the UK it often amazed me how deeply they effected people. These works started with the image ‘Oppressed‘ and were followed by many images that seemed to me to be challenging my perceptions, they sent me on a reluctant spiritual voyage that lasted almost 4 years and forced me to question everything. I stopped creating these works as abruptly as I started, the one clear message that i took from this creative whirlwind was to challenge perceptions, all perceptions even the ones that brought me comfort and validated my existence.

Factual Universal truths are far and few between and mankind has been guided by religious and Scientific dogmas throughout history. Conventional thinking has often stopped our natural wonder, establishments have always encouraged the mocking and condemnation of those who dare to think differently. From historic witch burning, to the modern media driven humbugging of conspiracy theorists, being unconventional and thinking out side the box is not welcome, to many it is seen as sinister, threatening or just plain crazy. These works can be used visual metaphors to those that wish to see them as such. They have been used for contemplation and meditation or simply as contemporary works to brighten a home. Many of these works have been resized and some even renamed, while not all still resonate with me I feel it’s important they are all seen as how can I know what they will mean or how important they are to the world . This Art is created digitally typically from photographs of nature I have taken across the UK . I say again challenge your perceptions and reach your own conclusions on these works, for my perceptions, should not and can seldom be yours.

My work is only now available via the print on demand company Zazzle I have found them to be reliable and they can ship to almost any part of the globe as they have print stations in different parts of the world. While I sometimes only get a small commission from each sale it does free me to the creation process without the distractions of business . I am extremely grateful to all those who choose to purchase a print, card or postcard by doing so you are directly supporting me as my art is my only form of personal income.

Just a few examples of my work on my Zazzle site click image to view more
Just a few examples of my work on my Zazzle site click image to view more

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